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Our creative process begins with you: the quality and richness of your life. Together, we explore different ideas and inspirations to discover the most engaging design. Part of the process is to have enjoyable and fun conversations about living life that opens us up to truly understand what is important to our clients. Then, by using our imagination and experience we explore how that translates into inspiring design.

Rather than conform to any particular style, we consider each individual space and what that should feel like. Esthetically, issues such as proportion, surface, texture, and light matter the most to us. Trends don't. Materials, fixtures and colors are carefully selected to reflect our clients while creating a beautiful experience of home.

Our aim is to help you create the best possible context in which to experience your life. Custom details are designed to create a richness of experience and quality of life. Thoughtful design eliminates visual clutter to bring the focus on a space that lives right for our clients. Our concern is with how a space makes you feel. After all architecture should make you feel something; otherwise, it's just building.

Contact Anna Mihkels and Chris Wright at 206.428.1973 or by email at and to discuss working together on your project. You can also visit us on the web at

Examples of Projects: 

Project types include:
New Single Family
New Multi Family
Whole House Remodels
Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels
Hardscape Design
Tenant Improvements
Architectural Coaching

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Group3 Architects llc Group3 Architects llc Group3 Architects llc Group3 Architects llc Group3 Architects llc Group3 Architects llc Group3 Architects llc Group3 Architects llc

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