Analog Architecture and Design

Analog Architecture and Design is a full-service studio specializing in residential architecture and interior design services. We take pride in our ability to blend high design with high performance building practices by utilizing our years of construction experience. Our work is defined by a timeless modern aesthetic and environments that are calm, responsive, and inspire well-being.

Our studio approaches design informed by the construction process with the goal of pairing the most compelling design with most effective building solutions to create unique, durable, and livable spaces inspired by the Pacific Northwest.

We are not your typical architects. Given our contractor and artist roots, we see the design from multiple angles; we speak the builder’s language and are heavily involved in the construction process. This is important not only because much of the “magic” happens during construction, but because it makes designing, drawing, and communication more effective and efficient.

Beyond the pleasing aesthetic details, we believe in bringing tangible value to a project. For example, preplanning big picture site moves to reduce site impacts and overall project costs, as well as preplanning and coordinating mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems to work more efficiently together for a higher quality indoor living environment. The end result being a beautifully crafted, appropriately detailed, and highly functional home connecting people to the place they inhabit.


4841 S. Findlay St. Seattle WA 98118 206.450.7923