Graham Baba Architects


GRAHAM BABA ARCHITECTS is a vibrant pacific northwest architecture firm recognized for the successful place-making of commercial, residential and arts spaces. Whether through the renovation of existing buildings or in new construction, the firm believes authenticity can, and should, be found in every building with the use of honest materials such as metal, wood, and glass celebrated in their natural state.

Through subtle and economical design moves, Graham Baba creates places that tell a story, places that people are drawn to and spaces that encourage social interaction and community.  The Graham Baba team is driven by thoughtful creativity and collaboration and works to celebrate the embedded qualities of spaces as well as the potential of a site and program and client vision.  Graham Baba’s thirty plus employees are all deeply involved in their project development processes; they are essential in producing the project designs and design deliverables required by each unique client and project. In 2021, Graham Baba expanded and opened a new office in Bellingham, Washington.


While our process varies from project to project, there are core components in our design ethos and the way we engage our clients that remain unchanged.

Authenticity: Our work is true to its place, the values of our clients and the materials from which we build.

Research: We seek precedents not just in our own work, but in the very best design we find world-wide. We gather feedback from the users and community and build these values and ideas into our design process.

Craft: Our team obsesses over the craft and detail of construction, ensuring that the “big” ideas of a project translate into the multitude of small moments, experiences and textures that build a rich environmental experience.

Collaboration: Working collaboratively with other designers, engineers, our owners, and community stakeholders is baked into our DNA. We believe that careful listening involves not only offering a voice to the entire team, but also ensuring that their ideas can truly inform the final project design.

Responsibility: We understand that the very best design is one that must be built on a budget and schedule that results in financial success for our clients. We understand the impact a building has on the environment, and we take a restorative approach to the decisions we make about the building, site, and neighborhood.

Fun: We believe that a great project requires a great experience. We seek to keep the process engaging and rewarding for all involved.


1507 Belmont Avenue Suite 200
Seattle, WA