Lane Williams Architects

Lane Williams Architects is a small team of architects devoted to the creation of custom, single-family residences, both new construction and major remodels. We have designed over 250 new homes and major remodels and received many awards for home design, including the AIA/Seattle Times Home of the Year awards. Our works have been featured in countless national and regional publications and highlighted in national and international design blogs and websites.

Our studio is lead by Trevor Dykstra and Kellen White, Trevor brings his background in the fine arts as well as the construction industry to focus on strong concepts with simple detailing while Kellen combines his extensive experience across a wide array of typologies to hone clean, modern spaces tied indelibly to their environs. Each project is created in close collaboration with the owners and is carefully tailored to their needs. Our motto is “Architecture for Living” with emphasis on comfort, durability, sustainability, and a close connection to our beautiful Northwest landscapes.

Our remodel experience includes renovation of mid-century modern homes by renowned Northwest architects Al Bumgardner, Paul Hayden Kirk, Ibsen Nelson, and Roland Terry. Our work has taken us to Oregon, California, Michigan, Connecticut, and beyond


3046 17th Ave W
Suite 1
Seattle, WA 98119