OYAM Studios

Welcome to OYAM, where we are excited to enhance the quality of life for individuals, families, and communities. Our studio is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of architectural services; tailored to meet your needs, whether you’re dreaming big or facing tight budget constraints or urgent deadlines.

We start each project from a foundation of attentive observations and active listening. By immersing ourselves in your vision and life context, we gain valuable insights into your project’s unique opportunities. We believe in authentic partnerships and are driven by our commitment to making positive contributions to the world around us. Our adaptable process and innovative tools ensure that your vision is not just realized but is elegantly brought to life.

Every project is a fresh canvas for creativity, and our design interventions are meticulously crafted to be contextually relevant, sustainable, and responsive to the evolving needs of users. OYAM operates through two distinct yet complementary studios:

Whether you’re an artist, maker, or creative thinker, we’re here to transform your ideas into tangible spaces that inspire and empower.

Communities with passion and pride deserve spaces that reflect their identity and values. Our cultural works studio is dedicated to creating meaningful environments that foster connection and belonging.


Founded by Bradly Gunn, OYAM is driven by his calm demeanor, insatiable curiosity, and strategic problem-solving skills. With a vision to bring design-build architectural services to the vibrant art and craft community of the Pacific Northwest, Bradly is recognized as a leader in design-build project delivery. His ability to direct interdisciplinary teams towards successful design solutions sets OYAM apart as a trusted partner in bringing dreams to fruition.



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