Workshop 315

Workshop 315 is a professional, full-service architecture firm with two locations, Seattle, Washington and Boulder, Colorado. We have years of experience with residential and small commercial projects in all kinds of environments. We are happy to chat with folks about any project that they are working on or need help with.

We are most happy when we can solve a design problem in a creative way that not only finds a solution for one part, but also works in tandem to address a solution for other parts. Every project is unique, and we work to address all aspects of the design ranging from functionality, practicality, and legality in a creative way to find a solution the whole team loves. We know what we do will have a lasting impact on the built environment beyond our lifetimes and we strive for a better environment and community for each project.

Our ultimate goal is to work as a team to find a solution and leave any project better than when we found it.